Why A Mom Moment

As moms we easily get stuck in the “mom rut”. Cooking, cleaning, caring for hubby and the kids…heck carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Of course its a double edge sword because although motherhood sucks sometimes we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Shouldn’t it be possible to find a happy balance between tending to mom “duties” and still doing the things you love ?

It is !

We need to remind ourselves what excited us pre-motherhood. What were those activities when we only had to care for ourselves that lit us up and we would spend time, energy and money doing? Maybe it was traveling or going for a hike. Maybe it was eating a nice dinner out….dare I say slowly.

There is a reason we loved doing these things. They are part of what makes us, us. So why do we ditch them as soon as we pop out kids? Yeah, yeah, yeah you can say its because priorities change and to a certain extent, they do but if these are the things that make you happy and fulfilled then why wouldn’t we continue to do them so we are happy and fulfilled mommies?

My goal in creating “A Mom Moment” is to help other moms falling into that same rut find their balance through life’s little luxuries. Seeing that these luxuries whether they be travel, a long hike or a night out on the town are all possible even after having children. And that by reintroducing these activities you once loved back into your life, you will in turn be a much happier mommy and able to mommy more efficiently.

Now I don’t have all the answer because frankly I am still learning as I go but what I do know is once I got rid of the “mom guilt” and saw that even though I took this time for myself the house was still standing, the kids were just fine and life would go on.