Motherhood is the toughest job there is. If anyone tries to argue that then they A) aren’t a mom B) have a full-time nanny C) are delusional. We are underpaid, overworked and sometimes left feeling under appreciated. This could drive anyone into a mom funk.

The mom funk is real. Hormones, dreary weather, family needs, no time for ‘me-time’, and a to-do list a mile long are just a few of the causes for this shit mood. Whatever the cause, there is no denying it SUCKS. As hard as you try to slap on a smile or take a few calming breaths, it can feel like there is no escaping.

Release the Funk 

Don’t worry I’m not going to serve you some BS like “chin-up mama, it gets better!” because frankly it may not…for a while. What I will provide you are some easy, in the moment strategies for turning a funky day, week or month into something more manageable.

Here are 6 Ways to Release the Funk

  1. Get Outside. The funk is always something that becomes more exaggerated gross weather. The last stretch of winter is the hardest. Regardless, getting outside can do wonders. Whether it’s a quick walk, taking your workout outdoors or even just standing on your front stoop and taking a giant breath, being outside can revive you.

  2. Take Care of You. Oh, self-care how I loave you. Self-care is a tricky one, especially for moms. We often see taking time for ourselves as something that makes us selfish, when in fact, it is quite the opposite. We need to recharge our batteries too. Find something that serves you, mama. Sip your coffee in silence before the rest of the house wakes, walk the aisles of Target alone, carve out 20 minutes to workout. Whatever it is make it a daily ritual.

  3. Exercise. I know, I know how in the world can you fit in exercise when you already have no time? You need to be realistic. It’s not going to be by going to the gym or taking an hour-long class it’ll probably look more like this (see picture). Purchase a few pieces of key equipment, set the timer for 20 minutes and get moving. Here are some of my favorite ways to workout smarter, not harder. You’ll automatically feel happier, a little less stressed and a hell of a lot more bad ass.

  4. Control What You Can Control and F What You Can’t. As moms, we want to control EVERYTHING- it’s just in our nature. But it isn’t realistic. As much as motherhood can feel like Groundhog Day it also has a way of throwing curve balls on the reg. So when something unexpected comes up (a sick kid, canceled school or construction happening right outside your window (true story)) instead of letting it ruin your day just say F it because there’s no controlling it.

  5. Come To Terms With The Funk.    Postpartum hormones, PMS, or just a bad mood sometimes the funk is just part of the process, so accept it. Don’t try to fight it or cover it up mama just let it happen.
  6. Set Big Goals. As moms, we push our big goals aside because of everyone else’s needs or our own lack of time/energy. Setting BIG goals can be the very thing that pulls you out of the dredges. Having something personal to work towards or look forward to can shift the way we go about life. Set a big goal that scares the shit out of you and work towards it every day.

It is Possible, I Promise!

Motherhood sucks sometimes. It can be the greatest privilege but also the greatest curse because it means we give up a little of our sanity to get the job done. But this isn’t forever. So when you get caught in the mom funk just use these strategies to release it. And remember you are not in this alone.

Have a friend that is stuck in the funk? Share this post with them, sometimes it takes a little convincing that it’s possible to release the funk!