How to feel like a workout boss

I am on the road to competition. I’ve been in the health and fitness industry in some capacity for almost my entire life. My mom was a group exercise teacher, I’ve worked in gyms, country clubs and yoga studios I am a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and barre teacher. I feel very confident in my knowledge of many things health and fitness but preparing for a fitness competition is so different. Several months back when I decided this was the year I would compete I casually looked over some “so you want to compete in a fitness competition…” articles and at first glance I was like “I got this” now that I am months away from the event I’m like “I don’t have this”. This part of the health and fitness industry is sooo different. Sure it shares many same basics like: eat healthy and workout but there is so much more. This is the first time I have felt like lost in an industry I have been in for so long. 

I can imagine this feeling very similar to someone that has never worked out in their life and now feels it is time to start. Maybe it’s a doctor telling you your health relies on it or you’re tired of carrying around extra weight or searching for a new hobby. Whatever the reason, entering this world can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What exercises are best? How do you do certain exercises? What equipment do you need? Lots of questions. If you have the luxury to hire a personal trainer that’s wonderful because then you have someone to teach you the basics but if you are like the majority of busy moms out there you might be doing this all on your own. Of course there are a bunch of “Beginners Guide to Working Out” which will list out a workout with light weights but this doesn’t help you get over that initial fear. And unless you feel like a boss then you risk in

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