The holiday season is fast approaching and with that comes parties, traveling and stress all of which make it very hard to continue eating healthy and maintaining a normal workout routine. Studies have shown that the average American gains 5lbs. during the six-week holiday season. 

Don’t become part of the statistics, avoid gaining 5 lbs. this holiday season with my 5 tips. 

  1. Maintain business as usual. As busy as the holidays are, try your best to stick to your normal routine when it comes to eating/drinking, sleeping and working out. Often times when we are stressed or overwhelmed the first thing we ditch is our routines when these are the very things that ground us and help us move through the stressful times. If you aren’t able to stick to your exact routines, modify for the time being.

  2. Eat before you drink. Alcohol has little to no nutritional value and can quickly contribute to weight gain. If you fill up on whole foods prior to drinking you will most likely consume less and possible avoid a hangover the next day. 

  3. Choose protein for every meal. Protein is not only essential for building muscle but it also helps keep you full longer. Choose options like fish, chicken, lean meats, turkey, eggs or low-fat cheeses to help keep you going and avoid cravings later. 

  4. Fill up on fiber. Fill 75% of your plate with high fiber foods such as veggies, fruits, beans or whole grains to fill you up. Packing in the fiber with reduce your risk of over-indulging on the sweets later.

  5. Practice mindful eating and drinking. This is probably the hardest during this time of year. Multitasking and mingling lead us to mindless consuming of food and beverages. Sit down to eat and drink without distractions so you are aware of what you are putting in your mouth. 

Instead of sitting out the festivities become better prepared and maybe this year you wont have to make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or start working out.

If you are looking to stay strong, fit and healthy this holiday season but need a little a motivation join my Free EatDrinkBeFit Holiday Challenge. This program provides busy moms quick yet efficient workouts, healthy holiday food and cocktail recipes and daily challenges and inspiration to keep you on track.