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6 Reasons Mom Friends Are The Best


Throughout one’s life there will be friends that come and go.

I personally believe, life naturally filters out those that don’t serve us. Sure it’s sad to see a friendship come to an end but it’s also amazing to have a new friendship begin.

The friends that you make during motherhood are like no other.

These type of friendships exist off of endless supplies of laughter and tears. They are are the friends that you can always rely on, no matter the situation.

Yes, these friendships may be harder to form but that’s because Mama your time is sacred and you wouldn’t share it with just anyone.

Unlike friendships in the past, these are often formed when you least expect it.  For instance, you might meet your new BFF when your kid is having a meltdown in the middle of Target or maybe while inline for the potty at the park. Point being, you just never know. These are not friendships that are based off your love for afterwork drinks or jet-setting to Miami. These are real, honest and true.

Here are 6 Reasons Mom Friends Are The Best:

1. They just get you.

There is no explaining yourself or your situation. They are living and breathing the same shit as you ever day.

2. They don’t judge your momattire.

It is always assumed that you will show up in “yoga gear” and not because you’ve just come from a yoga class. A dry shampoo hair wash is considered a WIN. No makeup, no problems.

3. They talk about poo with you. 

Who doesn’t like a good poo story? I mean the topic of poop could literally go on for hours, it never gets old.

4. They love your children like their own.

If trapped in a burning building, she’d not only grab her children, she’d grab yours as well. It’s just understood that everyone looks out for each other. It truly takes a tribe.

5. They provide your children with friends.

The common denominator of your friendship is most likely kids.  Your kids might be the same age or maybe they are a combination of younger and older. Regardless, all of your children will be there for one another just like the two of you.

6. They listen when needed and give advice when asked.

Sometimes you just need to vent to someone about your shitty day of the kids not napping, ongoing crying and just being exhausted . Or maybe it’s time to potty train your oldest and you are just lost at where to begin. These friends are the ones that just know how to be there for you when you need it.

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