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#30DaysPostpartum: My Main Takeaways


Time flies when you are having fun… or when your days blur together because you’re that exhausted. Regardless, I can’t believe I am 30+ days postpartum. I also can’t believe I have three babies. I mean seriously, how did that happen? I know how it happened but don’t remind me because the thought of that just exhausts me.

The past 30 days have been jam-packed, to say the least. I’d have to say, 30 days after delivering your third baby is very different than your first. Let me tell you why.

1. Recovery period takes on a whole new meaning.

Your recovery time is literally the size of this (.) period. You have a lot of humans that need and want you. Although you want to jump right back on the mommy saddle, try to take it easy. You are no good to anyone if you haven’t healed properly.

2. Your body just knows what to do.

The body is amazing! From nursing to healing, your body will take the reigns. Trust the body and listen to the body.

3. Personal space, especially when nursing, is nonexistent.

Kiss your personal space buh-bye. Gone are the days when nursing was an intimate experience with your bundle of joy. Now you’ll have a baby on the boob, another kid trying to sit on your lap and another one pretending to put makeup on you. Of course, you are trying to appease everyone until enough is enough and you scream “STOP TOUCHING ME.” Everyone looks at you like you’re crazy and tears ensue.

4. Time moves fast.

Is it just me or with each child does time seem to speed up? With my first born I felt like I really got to savor every moment and milestone. With each child after, I feel as though these moments come and go in the blink of an eye. All the milestones that you eagerly awaited before, now just seem to happen and you don’t even have the chance to grab your camera.

5. Multitasking while nursing should qualify as an Olympic sport.

The number of things you can do with one hand is incredible. While nursing you can usually find me also: vacuuming, preparing a meal for my family, helping my daughter use the bathroom and putting my son to bed. Heck I even typed this post while nursing.

6. Sleep is for the weak.

Who needs 7 hours of sleep or even 3? I swear these tiny humans are in cahoots with each other. The newest baby is brought home and somehow everyone isn’t sleeping. Call it what you will sleep regression, tides of change….their timing is impeccable. Surprisingly though, you are able to keep on keeping on. It’s a different type of exhaustion than with your first born, I think it goes back to #2 (see above).

7. Jealousy is real.

Once upon a time my pediatrician explained bringing home a new baby like this: your partner brings home a new woman and says this is Jane, she’s going to live with us, use your things and I’ll be giving her lots of attention for a while and you just have to deal with it. Needless to say, it will take awhile for everyone to get used to each other.

8. You can’t remember what life was like before baby #3.

At the end of the day, life is just better with the newest member of the family. Slowly you begin to forget what life was even like before this baby came along. Yes the house is louder, there are three times the tears and triple the amount of craziness but there is also that much more love to go around. Three little ones is hard work but it’s so rewarding as well.

Are you a parent to three little ones? What has been your biggest learning lesson thus far? Comment below or share in the facebook group.

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