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Looking to the Future


Yesterday, I had an appointment with my OB and I’m 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. Now, if you are familiar with pregnancy this means shit. It’s basically a little dose of false hope because well you could be that way for weeks upon weeks. Whomp Whomp.
While this news brings no certainty of when the baby will come, it may be just what one needs to hear. Using it as that little extra something to get you through the last leg of pregnancy may help.
Finally, you can start looking forward to the things that once were taken for granted but now you want back so dearly, such as:
1. Getting your body back- We are not talking about getting back your pre-baby body because we all know that takes time. We are talking about simply not having to share your body. Yes, pregnancy is beautiful and it is such a special event but sharing your body is tough. You share your belly, blood, oxygen, energy and every other aspect you can think of. Let’s face it, the body is just much more enjoyable when only one person is using these things.
2. Regaining your sanity- Pregnancy hormones are a bitch. One minute you’re happy as can be the next minute you’re weeping like a baby over SPCA commercials. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. Now, it does take some time for the hormones to readjust but for the most part, you can begin to function almost normal.
3. Drink alcohol- Mocktails are fun but the real deal is so much better, especially when you have two toddlers. There is nothing better than a full-bodied red wine or crisp beer after a hard day. 
4. Getting your sweat on- Most of us maintain some sort of workout through pregnancy but we’re talking about really being able to “pound the pavement.” Towards the end of pregnancy things just get uncomfortable, whether it’s the fear that if you move the wrong way the baby may just fall out or the fact that you are just beyond exhausted. Exercise takes on a whole new meaning post baby.
5. Eating- Food aversions, heartburn, not having space for the actual food it’s all for the birds. The idea of eating a normal sized meal, enjoying it and there being no after effects is a glorious notion.
The End is Near!  Keep rocking that pregnancy Mama, you are doing great!


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