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Color Coding Your Life

I am a creature of habit. I like waking up each morning and being able to anticipate what the day will bring. If I were to describe my day-to-day in two words, it would be COLOR CODED.

Each point of my day is either personal, work, home, school or social. Some may say this is no way to live. Where’s the spontaneity? Where’s the fun?

But that’s just it, I love this way of living.

I find great comfort knowing that I am in control of my schedule. Sure, life is going to happen; a sick child, canceled school, a late appointment. We always adjust.

If you are thinking about taking charge of your weekly agendas, here are some of the simple ways I go about it:

First, leading up to each week I brainstorm what activities the kids and I will do. I figure how those activities will fit around naps and then factor in any important appointments and/or meetings.

Secondly, I pepper in personal activities where time permits. This is not to diminish these activities but it’s just easier this way.

Note: I don’t meal prep but I do plan what we will have for dinner each night. The only reason I do this is because I hate going to the grocery store every day.

Third, I schedule time for house chores and take full advantage of nap time as work time.

Lastly, very rarely do I ever schedule anything for the evenings (after kids are in bed). Evening hours have become sacred time for my husband and me and some sort of self-care.

Note: When you preplan like this, you have to become comfortable with saying no to last minute activities/invitations that just don’t “fit”. This can be one of the hardest but most important adjustments to maintaining a schedule.

This lifestyle isn’t for everyone. It takes time and energy ensuring that the week is planned and trying to stay the course. With that said, when you are able to anticipate the day/week you aren’t left worrying how you are going to fit everything in. Your chaos becomes a little more simplified.



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