5 Ways For Moms To Create Me Time Each Day

As a mom of two and 1 on the way, daily me moments are hard to find.

The picture I used for this post actually makes me laugh because at the time, I had no idea how sacred that situation would one day be. Ahhhh sitting by a pool with nowhere to be.

Some day I will get back to that but for now the reality is each day is filled to the brim. No long pool lounges for this mama.

Amongst the chaos of motherhood, I try to find moments each day to somehow recharge my battery.


Here are my Top 5 Ways For Moms To Create Me Time Each Day…..

1. Wake up before everyone else.

I know easier said than done but waking up just 45 minutes before everyone else can create a world of difference. Do you know how much shit can get done in an uninterrupted 45 minutes?? Personally, I can squeeze in a quick work out, take a shower, get dressed, and check e-mails/social media all while sipping coffee.

2. Eat one meal in its entirety, without getting up 500 times.

This is one area of my life I had to draw a line in the sand. As moms we are chefs, waitresses and dishwashers all over the course of a given meal. Enough is enough! Us moms should be able to sit and eat a meal like every other person. Now Im not saying that during this meal tiny little hands wont be tugging at us but let them know mom will get to whatever it is as soon as she is done. This teaches them that mommy matters too. The first several meals the child(ren) might be confused but they will catch on to the idea, I promise.

3. Chat with a friend.

There is nothing more therapeutic than “shooting the shit” with a good friend. This conversation can be in any form, at the park, over the phone or even while waiting in the parking lot to pick up the kids. You might even want to try and talk about something other than they kids.

4. Use the bathroom ALONE.

It never fails, every time I need to use the potty it always becomes a group effort. Can’t I just pee in private!

Our husbands really are on to something. I never knew why they needed to take 30 minute bathroom breaks but I totally get it now. They aren’t using that entire time to actually go to the bathroom, they are using it to escape everything that’s going on in the outside world. That act of actually closing and lock the bathroom door is brilliant!

5. Turn housework into mommy meditation.

Of course these aren’t activities that we necessarily “like” doing but if we are going to do them we might as well get something out of them. Whether this be vacuuming, washing dishes, folding laundry or mopping use these moments to create a short little mommy meditation. Focus on the task at hand and take several deep breaths in and out. Results are as follows: calmer mom, happier mom.  

Once we get stuck on the hamster wheel of motherhood, often times its hard to change it.

Finding time for YOU each day is so important. If it’s not these 5 ways of creating me time, find 5 other ways that fit your life and commit to them every day.

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