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I Don’t Claim to be a Pinterest Mom

The eve of Valentine’s Day is upon us!

As many of us moms are scattering to put together Valentine’s Day cards and treats on behalf of our children, I am here to beg you to “PUT DOWN THE HOT PINK SPRINKLES!”

Look, I don’t claim to be one of those Pinterest moms. Yes, there have been a few points during my short stent of motherhood that I have thought about going down that path but ultimately it’s just not for me.

My life is messy.

I assume if I tried to add making arts and crafts and baked goods that are picture worthy, those too would be messy.

What I do claim to be is a mama that is trying her darndest to raise giving children. My kids are still young so we aren’t necessarily volunteering at soup kitchens just yet but I do use holidays to teach them what it means to do for others.

This particular Valentine’s Day, my daughter wanted to make cookies for her class. We went out and bought the ingredients and talked about why we were making them. Once home and baking, all she could focus on was wanting to taste them. She has a real sweet tooth like her mother.

Throughout the 30 minutes of baking and decorating I kept reiterating the purpose of the cookies. I explained that Valentine’s Day was a day to show those closest to us how important they are and how small gestures like this are one way we can show that.

By the end of the cookie decorating and bagging my daughter looked at me and said “mommy, my friends are going to love these, can we make more for my other friends?”. I rewarded that comment with a cookie.

Yes, it might be much easier for us to throw together the cards and treats for our child’s class but what are they getting out of that. Time may not be on your side for this given holiday but I do challenge you for the next one to have your children be a part of the process. Talk about the meaning of the day and lead them to choose what they would enjoy doing for others to show they care.

This, I believe, is a small way we can groom our children to be good people.  


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