Don’t Lose Sight of Life’s Little Luxuries

Before children I had those things that I loved doing and would do regardless of time commitment or cost. A membership to the hottest new workout class, a great haircut, an impromptu flight to a favorite city, or dinner at a premier restaurant.

Each of these I never had to negotiate about spending time or money on. Nowadays, a few of these a have taken a back seat to my family. Not because I enjoy doing them less but because the season of life that I am in has shifted my perception of my nonnegotiables.

 These days instead of calling such activities my nonnegotiable I find myself calling them “life’s little luxuries.” My husband and I are very much in agreement that in order to keep our lives full we must continue to include these luxuries in our own lives.

Currently, travel, food and personal pampering are the luxuries that top our list. This is not to say we do these all day every day but we do set aside time specifically for each of them. The same care that is given to doing things our kids love is given to those that we love.

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